Beach Towel Clip * Boat Clip * Walkers * and more!


The Perfect Beach Towel, Boat Clip and More Clip!
Beach Chair Accessory  *  Pool Accessory  *  
Boat Accessory

The Hottest New Promotional Product on the Market!

Introducing the Slip Clip - the perfect beach towel clip, boat clip and more clip. 

Advertise your company! Promote your brand!

Made in the USA!

The Slip Clip offers a large imprint area. 
This large flat area will boldly and elegantly display your client's logo.
 This is a great way to increase your customers advertising capabilities.
Slip Clips are so easy to use that everyone will want one. 

     There are so many uses your clients will love them. 
And they make Advertising a breeze!


Use on a walker, cookbook, oven, or bathrooms.

Slip clips have many uses:

1. Holds clothes and towels on to boats rails to dry or keep dry.

2. Holds beach bags or trash bags in place and clips on to any boat rail, handles, and most picnic tables.

3. Build forts at the pool with beach chairs and towel, in the basement or family room with chairs and blankets.

4. Use as a luggage accessory - clip it onto the handle of your rolling bag to hold your shopping bag or purse. 

5. Keep that pesky dish towel in check by attaching it to the oven handle or cupboard door.
6. Slip it on to any book that wont stay open like a cookbook or novel. No fussing!  

7. Use in the bathroom or at the gym to keep towels from falling off the towel bars.

8. Clips on to any walker or hospital bed to carry a light bag. DO NOT USE WITH HEAVY ITEMS.

So Easy!     
Available in red, white, and blue, green and yellow. 

The Slip Clip fits most lounge chairs.

Check out this video on youtube -

Patent # USD688-1255
US 9,021,667 B2

ASI # 91093 **** PPAI # 621604 **** Sage # 69987
Made in the USA!



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