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Made in the USA!
5-7 day turn around time
Full Color Digital Printing
Virtual Samples Available - Vector format required
A+ Rating in ASI and Sage

ASI # 91093 **** Sage # 69987

 Made in the USA!


How to Use

For Towels:

1. Open your beach chair and towel.
2. Place your towel over the beach chair so some of the towel is over the top of the chair.
Slip the "Slip Clip" over the top of the beach towel and push the Slip Clip over the towel and on to the frame of the chair until the clip has snapped on to the frame of the chair

For boats:
1. Lay a towel, clothes or what ever you want to dry or keep dry over the boat rail or windshield.
 2. Push the Slip Clip down over the towel/clothing on to the rail or windshield. 

For Bags:
1. Feed the bag through the "U" portion of the Slip Clip.
2. Push the Slip Clip down onto any rail that you want. 
3. Great accessory to walkers and hospital beds. 

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Patent approved. 
Made in the USA!


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