The Perfect Beach Towel Clip

An ingenious beach accessory made in the USA


Innovative Clips for Your Beach Towels and Chairs

You’re on the beach trying to relax and enjoy the day. However, your towel keeps falling down or off.   We understand this can be extremely frustrating for anyone. With The Slip Clip, you will never have this problem again!

Easy-to-Use Product

Simply place your towel or clothing on a chair or rail and slide the Slip Clip over it.   It will no longer move. To hold your bag, simply slide the handles into the “U” shape of the clip and place it where you would like it to stay.

Our product can be used in different ways, such as:

  • Holding bags on beach chairs or boats
  • Propping your cookbook open in the kitchen
  • Hanging towels in your kitchen or bathroom
  • Securing tablecloths on tables
  • Building forts for kids
Cookbook picture

How to Buy

Our products are available through our website or working directly with our team.   We offer fun summer graphics or personalized Slip Clips with your logo, design or name.  The Slip Clip has made its way into the retail, promotional and consumer markets. 

A Successful Venture

Our female-owned business in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan first started selling the Slip Clips as a promotional item, which turned into a success by tripling our sales in the last year and a half. Currently, we are aiming to increase our sales in the retail industry and the resort retail space.